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About us

             The PC & Wireless Shop is a small, locally owned and operated business specializing in the growing technological needs of consumers and businesses. We offer products from cell phones and accessories, custom computers and laptops and computer accessories, to multi-line PBX business phones, security cameras and recorders, home and business servers, and the list continues growing. Our services include setting up your new cell phone, transferring your contacts to your new cell phone, installing our lines of PBX business phones and security cameras, providing phone lines and internet connections, installing and integrating computers, printers, networks, phone systems, security cameras, and anything else you may need to connect to. Through our partner Dynamic Design, we can provide low cost high impact web sites, web domains and hosting, and printing and graphics design. We truly are your one stop shop for your technology needs.

Our Mission


"The PC & Wireless Shop's mission is to be a highly esteemed retailer and service provider with excellence in customer satisfaction by providing the highest level of customer service, offering the highest quality products, maintaining affordable prices, and staying dedicated to the needs of our customers and employees."



Our Values

  • To deliver timely and reliable service to consumers and business alike.
  • To provide the highest level of product quality to every customer.
  • To grow and maintain a positive reputation as a company.
  • To act ethically and lawfully in all business dealings.
  • To protect customer information to the best of our ability.
  • To stay dedicated to our employees and customers.

Our Story

             Building a strong, independently owned company takes hard work, dedication to its customers and employees, and strong roots in its industry. The PC & Wireless Shop’s owner and lead technician, Dean Carpenter, has been in the technology field since the 1960’s. He started out as an electronic engineer at Mergaenthaler, and continued on to work at such places as Bendix, Scientific Calculations, Verax, Metrosonics, and Siemens. He held various positions including research engineer, operations manager, and engineering manager. In 1996, and until 2006, he started DLDSoft where he built computers and provided support. In 2002 he also created CQS, Carpenter’s Quality Solutions, specializing in statistical process control, where he is the sole owner, engineer, and salesman.  In January of 2006 the concept of The PC & Wireless Shop was formed by Dean’s knowledge of computers and his entrepreneur drive and Ben Carpenter’s knowledge of cellular phones and other consumer electronics, and his knowledge of the retail industry. DLDSoft re-invented itself as The PC & Wireless Shop and on August 23rd of 2006, opened its doors for business. Currently The PC & Wireless shop has grown to have 10 employees including Dean’s 3 sons, Jeff, Kevin and Ben, and is a leading retailer and service provider in cellular phones, custom built computers and laptops, IP security cameras, PBX phone systems, and customer service.