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When is the BEST time to recover your computer data? The FIRST time! With each attempt to recover data from a failing drive, it is likely that the drive is further failing with your personal data being lost. When it comes to recovering your data, whether it is critical business documents, databases, spreadsheets or precious personal family photos – choose The PC & Wireless Shop to do the data recovery for you. We have invested in the equipment that allows us to gently pull data from your hard drive while it is in a fragile state to maximise the chance of recovering all your data. We have the expertise to know when a drive is too damaged to attempt standard data recovery techniques and when it should be sent to a clean room environment for repair and then data recovery. This can be a more expensive third party service which we will assist you in with the decision and then assist you with setting up the data recovery process if you choose to do so. We have often discovered options that were overlooked by our clients where the most important data was previously saved (such as cloud services) keeping the client from needing to spend extra money to do data recovery on their hard drive.

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